Clinical Research Center “CRC”

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CRC-TBRI functions as the clinical research arm of TBRI, which will be ingrained into the fundamental mission of the institute.

CRC conducts clinical research studies that help pharmaceutical companies develop new medications and evaluate current therapies. Also, develop medical approaches and instruments for better disease management.

CRC involves the clinical departments of Urology, Hepatology and Nephrology with special emphasis on neglected parasitic diseases.

All studies conducted at CRC-TBRI will be performed in accordance with Good Clinical Practice guidelines and in conformity with international ethical guidelines.

Establish CRC-TBRI as a leading clinical research center in Egypt
Coordinate the conduct of Industry Sponsored Research as well as establishing collaboration with local, regional and international research organizations to pursue excellence in clinical research in Egypt.

The hierarchy of CRC consists of a board of directors, executive manager and associates. The board of directors is responsible for CRC strategic planning including internal policies and goals as well as monitoring of clinical studies, which will be implemented by the executive manager and associates.

The executive manager is also responsible for selecting the CRC team that includes coordinators, pharmacists, nurses, laboratory technicians and administrative staff.

Two inpatient rooms, an outpatient examination room, 2 meeting rooms, pharmacy, sampling area, secretary room and archiving room.

Prof. Bothaina Madkour, Professor of Hematology and Chairperson of CRC-TBRI

Prof. Sanaa Sabet Botros, Professor of Pharmacology, TBRI

Prof. Dina Aly Shokry, Professor of Forensic Medicine, Cairo University

Prof. Ashraf Heidar Ghaleb, Professor of General Surgery, Cairo University

Dr. Ahmed Abd El-Azeem El-Mikkawy, Researcher of hepatogastroenerology, TBRI

Executive Manager
Dr. Samia Hassan El-Shishtawy
Associate Professor at the Nephrology Department, TBRI

Deputy Manager
Dr. Hanan Shawky Amin
Researcher at the Clinical Chemistry Department, TBRI
The staff also includes, research coordinators (Physicians and Pharmacists), nurses, accountant and legal representative.

Theodor Bilharz Research Institute (TBRI)
Ground floor of the administrative building

Email: [email protected]
Tel.: (202) 35407276-35408277 
Fax: (202)35408125

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