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Surgery Department

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 To be a center of excellence in the management of surgical patients with liver disease
 To implement TBRI’s national goals in combatting liver diseases; providing the standard care of hepato-pancreato biliary disease including liver transplantation and research for patients with general surgical problems.

Prof. Ahmed Abdelaziz
[email protected]



Former Heads :

    • Emeritus Prof. / Nagui Edward Mekhaeil
    • Emeritus Prof./ Sobhy Ahmed Kista
    • Emeritus Prof./ Ahmed Hazem Ibrahim Helmy
    • Emeritus Prof./ Ayman Ihab Nafeh
    • Prof. / Emad Esmat Nour El Din
    • Prof. / Mohammed Saied Hedaya

Present Head

    • Prof. / Ahmed Abdelaziz

Staff Members

    • Emeritus Prof./ Magdy Mohamed Abul Hamid El-Sebae
    • Emeritus Prof. /Youssef Farouk Youssef
    • Emeritus Prof. / Mohamed Magdy Aly Essawy
    • Emeritus Prof. / Mohamed Abbas Mahmoud
    • Emeritus Prof. / Hussein Mamdouh Ezzat
    • Emeritus Prof. / Maged Mahmoud Nasr
    • Prof. / Mohamed Saied Abo-Hedaya
    • Prof. / Ahmad Abdel-Aziz Hassan
    • Emeritus Assistant Prof. / Sameh Bayoumi El-Sebaie
    • Late Assistant Prof. Housam Hamdey
    • Assistant Prof. Asaad Fayrouz
    • Researcher/ Hisham Abdelaziz
    • Researcher/ Amr Mostafa
    • Researcher/ Mohamed El-Ashry
    • Researcher/ Ahmed Hamdy Taha Allam
    • Researcher/ Diaa Fahmy
    • Researcher/ Mounir Mohamed
    • Researcher/ Ahmad Zidan
    • Assistant Researcher/ Mohamed Ahmed Abdelhady
    • Assistant Researcher/ Mohamed El-Sayed El-Araby
    • Assistant Researcher/ Mohamed Abdo Mohamed Zaki
    • Assistant Researcher/ Mohamed Ahmed Abdelhalim
    • Assistant Researcher/ Mahmoud Mohamed Rady
    • Assistant Researcher/ Rani Mohamed Saleh Khattab
    • Assistant Researcher/ Magdy Salama
    • Assistant Researcher/ Karim Eltaweel
    • Assistant Researcher/ Mohamed Tawfik
    • Assistant Researcher/ Abdullah Alsabbagh
    • Resident/ Mahmoud Ahmed Nooh
    • Resident/ Rami Hassan Hegy
    • Resident/ Ahmed Mohamed Abd-Allah
    • Resident/ Mohamed Hassan Sobaih
    • Resident/ Mohamed Osama Ismail
    • Resident/ Amr Mahmoud
    • Resident/ Engi Soltan

The current strategy of research is predominantly abdominal gastro-intestinal, hepato-pancreato-biliary and experimental surgery, which includes:

  1.  Surgery in portal hypertension patients.
  2.  Surgery in cirrhotic patients.
  3.  Surgery in ascitic patients.
  4.  Anatomical versus non anatomical resection for HCC with HCV.
  5.  Biliary reconstruction and drainage procedures for gall stones and obstructive jaundice.
  6.  Gastrointestinal surgery.
  7.  Laparoscopic basic, advanced and GIT surgeries and laparoscopic assisted surgery.
  8.  Liver transplantation.
  9.  Liver ischemia reperfusion injury
  1.  Providing research quality services in collaboration with reputable medical centres and institutions at national, regional and international levels
  2.  The department is considered a centre “at national level” for dealing with cirrhotic patients with surgical problems, a centre for biliary reconstruction and patients with benign or malignant focal hepatic lesions.
  3.  The department is also considered a referral center for complicated surgery in biliary and chronic hepatic patients.
  4.  Participating in liver transplantation program held at TBRI.

  1.  General surgery
  2.  Laparoscopic surgery
  3.  Liver surgery
  4.  Experimental surgery
  5.  Vascular surgery

The department lies on the 3rd floor of the hospital building; it is composed of 5 outpatient clinic/week, 40 beds, 3 high dependency unit (HDU) beds and 5 OPC / week. The department has a dedicated 24 hr acute operating theatre and a target waiting time for operations between 2-4 weeks. Day case surgery for some operations is carried out.

The Operating Theatre is equipped to perform major general surgical procedures whether open or laparoscopic such as CUSA, Argon beam coagulation, Intra-operative ultrasound, Harmonic scalpel, BVSD (ligasure), different types of staplers, Choledochoscope, upper endoscopy set, two high definition laparoscopic sets, two Analogue Laparoscopic sets and C-arm x-ray.

The department as well encompasses an experimental surgical unit, which follows the training & research consultation unit at TBRI. The unit provides the following:

  •  Hands-on training courses on Basic and advanced Surgical Skills in general as well as liver surgery.
  •  Research and experimental Programs, which are carried out using small and large animals whether these animals are normal, diseased or infected with schistosomiasis according to the submitted protocols after approval by the IRB, TBRI.

  1.  Hands-on “one-to-one” training based on standard methodology at the department.
  2.  Basic Surgical Training Programs: structured general and laparoscopic surgery with a log book.
  3.  Higher surgical Training Programs mainly in GIT, HBP & Liver surgery using standard and state of art equipment.
  4.  Experimental surgery on small, medium and large size animals is a available for all the staff during their training.

General Surgery, which covering surgery from neck down in line with new trends and policies that have been divided over the past decade into sub-specialties including general, hepato-pancreatico-biliary, portal hypertension, vascular and laparoscopic surgery, as followed:

  1.  Providing a full range of services such as, general and intestinal operations including cancers that run in line with government and TBRI policies.
  2.  The department, in collaboration with the gastroenterology and hepatology department, has a dedicated referral team for liver disease patients with specified cancers both upper & lower GIT, HBP and HCC.
  3.  Offering venous access service for the end stage kidney and dialysis unit.
  4.  Treatment of patients with emergency problems that ranges from non-specific abdominal pain and abscesses to life threatening conditions such as acute abdominal bleeding and perforation and abdominal trauma.

Inpatient services:

  •  The surgical department has 40 beds where pre-operative and post-operative care is performed.
  •  The department is committed to provide excellent patient-focused nutritional care by a comprehensive staff of registered and licensed dietitians. Also dietetic technicians who provide nutritional screenings, assessments and education based on the established patient care plan

Outpatient services:

  •  5 days /week outpatient clinics.
  •  2 clinics /day (specialist clinic & consultant clinic)

Internal Projects:
Hepatic focal lesion: Assessment surgical management and surgical effects on hepato-biliary system in patients suffering from hepatic insult. PI: Prof. Sobhy Kishta (2000).

Medical treatment of liver injuries resulting from vascular injury. PI: Prof. Nagy Edward (2002).

The effect of ligation of right portal venous both branch versus simultaneous ligation of right portal venous branch and right bile duct branch in liver regeneration in rats. PI Prof. Ayman Nafeh (2013).

Experimental transplantation of hepatocytes. PI: Prof. Nagy Edward (2014).

Collaborative Research Project

Experimental and clinical transplantation of hepatocytes: indications and problems from an Egyptian perspective. The project is between The Academic Unit of Clinical and Experimental Surgery, Theodor Bilharz Research Institute, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Imbaba, Giza, Egypt And The Department of Surgical Research and Transplantology Laboratories, Medical Research Center, Polish Academy of Sciences, Center for Experimental and Clinical Medicine, Warszwa, Poland Egyptian.
PI.: Prof. Nagui Edward Mikhail, M.D, Prof. of Surgery.
PI.: Foreign Principle Investigator: Prof. Waldemar L. Olszewski, M.D, Prof. of Surgery.

Publications in the Last Ten Years

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