Schistosome Biological Supply Centre “SBSC”

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The Schistosome Biological Supply Centre (SBSC) was established in 1989 at Theodor Bilharz Research Institute TBRI through a research collaborative agreement between the institute and Massachusetts -Lowell University, USA and was funded by the USAID.

Production of biological material required for scientific research as well as investigation of the efficiency of compounds with potential molluscicidal and schistosomicidal Activities.

Scientific Director:
Emeritus Prof. Fatem Ramzy
E mail: [email protected]
Tel. (202) 35406656 &35402549
Mobile: 01064629893

Founder and Former Head of the Center Late Emeritus :
Prof. Foad Youssef

Professional Staff
Emeritus Prof. Fatem Ramzy, Scientific and Technical Supervisor.
Prof. Samia El Bardicy ( PhD),
Emeritus Prof. Manal Kamel (MD) ,
Emeritus Prof. Kesmat Maher( MD),
Emeritus Prof. Soheir Mahmoud( PhD)
Emeritus Prof. Fathya Gawish
Assisst Prof. Menerva Maher
Assisst. Prof. Magda Atalla

Structure and Facilities :

The center is formed of five laboratories: Snail Breeding Lab, Snail Infection Lab, Parasitology Lab, Antigen Production Lab, In Vitro Testing Lab, Guest Lab, Animal husbandry area and Information Unit. It is provided with the basic equipment such as, CO2 incubator, deep freezers, laminar flow, ultracentrifuge, lyophilizer, oven, double distillatory, electric balances, perfusion apparatus, autoclaves and stereomicroscopes, Ice maker, etc. The center is maintaining colonies of snails (Biomphalaria spp. and Bulinus truncatus), strains of mice (CD1, Balb C, C57BL 6) and golden hamsters imported from Charles River Lab. These animals are bred and maintained according to the universal ethics. Large cultures of Schistosoma mansoni and S. haematobium are also maintained.

Snail Breeding Lab
Animal Husbandry

Producing the needed biological material for experimental and operational schistosomiasis research, including antigens of various stages Schistosoma mansoni and S. haematobium are also produced on large scale under standard conditions. This covers the needs of TBRI and these products are marketed to various institutions working on schistosomiasis, biology, biochemistry, immunology, operational research, etc.

  • Testing various compounds of synthetic and natural (plants and marine organisms) origins on various stages of Schistosoma parasite and vector snails, aiming to discover new drugs and/or molluscicides.

In vitro/In vivo evaluation of more than 11,000 compounds (active compounds and extracts) on various stages of Schistosoma parasite as well as on vector snails. This work was carried out in collaboration with WHO/ TDR, Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research, National Research Centre (Cairo) and Faculties of Pharmacy and Science in Egyptian Universities.

  • Since 2003, SBSC is considered a WHO/TDR screening center for antiparasitic drugs and/or molluscicides.

SBSC offers both services and consultation to various institutions in Egypt.

a. List of material produced and marketed by the center







Biomphalaria alexandrina








Bulinus truncates








Lymnaea natalensis








Schistosoma mansoni / S. haematobium




Viable or frozen, lyophilized

100 worms



Viable or fixed




Viable or fixed





















Experimental animals

mice (CDI, C57BL6, Balb-c)  clean



infected (S.mansoni)



Golden hamsters   clean



Infected (S.mansoni) & (S.haematobium)



For requesting material, Please call Prof. Dr. Samia El Bardicy: Mobile: 01118621584

B. List of various services available for scientists


Estimation of Protein Content using BIO RAD assay kit.

Ultra filtration

Concentration of samples

Ultracentrifugation of samples up to 60000 Pm (1 hr)

Lyophilyzation ( 24 hrs)

Preparation of crude parasite antigens


Serum clean  mice

Serum clean  hamster

Serum immune S. mansoni (hamster)

Serum immune S.haematobium (hamster)

Serum immune S. mansoni (mice)

Mice Infection by various methods

Snail egg masses

O ogram

Ova Count/ gm tissue

Perfusion of animals  (Mouse or Hamster)

Picking of haematobium  adult  worms

Molluscicidal activity  &  LC determination

Cercaricidal activity

Miracidicidal activity

Schistosomicidal  activity In vitro &LC determination

Schistosomicidal  activity In vivo&LC determination

Schistosomules ( alive)

Training workshops focus mainly on the preparation of biological material (Schistosoma & Fasciola), their utilization and maintenance in operational research as well as caring/breeding for experimental animals. Also, technical assistance on establishment of animal houses was offered to some Egyptian research institutions.

  1. The workshops were offered to trainees from Egypt, Middle East, Africa, Pakistan and USA. They were supported and funded by several international organizations including WHO, GTZ (Germany) and USAID.
  2. The training workshops include lectures, practical techniques on the following topics:
    1.  Breeding and maintenance of vector snails.
    2.  Culture of algae for feeding snails.
      • Exposure of snails to infection with miracidia under the utmost laboratory conditions.
      • Maintenance and examination of infected snails.
      • Cercarial production and study of intramolluscan larval stages.
      • Infection of experimental animals with schistosome cercariae.
      • Worm recovery methods from infected animals
      • Egg separation from stools and tissues.
      • Breeding and maintaining of mice and hamsters.
    3.  Preparation of antigens of different stages of both parasites.
    4.  Identification of snails and types of cercariae.
    5.  Field visits to examine natural habitats and snails collection.

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