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Urology Department

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To be a center of excellence in the Urology field
 To provide medical care regarding “diagnosis and treatment” for all urological problems according to the international up-to-date 1st class standards and at the same time, participate in applied clinical research.

Prof. Hussien Badawy




Former heads

    • Dr. Hazem Elturk
    • Dr. Mohamed Mohey El-Din Wishahi
    • Dr. Ahmed Aziz Abd El-Aty
    • Dr. Essam El-Din Mahmoud Riad
    • Dr. Ahmed Gamal El-Baz
    • Dr. Mamdouh Amin Roshdy
    • Dr. Tarek Ramzy El-Leithy
    • Dr. Samir El-Sayed El-Ghobashi

Staff Members

  1.  Urologic oncology and reconstruction
  2.  Obstructive Uropathy (Stones, strictures, infravesical obstruction including prostate)
  3.  Stone diseases
  4.  Urinary tract infections
  5.  Urinary incontinence and voiding disorders
  6.  Pediatric urology and congenital disorders
  7.  Genitourinary trauma
  1.  Upgrading of the urodynamics unit.
  2.  Upgrading of the transrectal ultrasonography unit
  3.  Advanced urologic procedures; including all enodurologic and laparoscopic surgeries
  4.  Foundation of renal transplantation team and starting the procedure
  5.  The use of 110 Watt LASER machine (Holmium) for stone treatment, superficial bladder tumors and infravseical obstruction including benign prostate hyperplasia “BPH”
  6.  Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy “ESWL”
  7. Flexible uretero-renoscopy

  1.  Transrectal ultrasonography with prostate biopsies
  2.  Urodynamics testing
  3.  Laparoscopic urologic procedures
  4.  Open urologic procedures
  5.  Upper and lower tract endoscopic procedures (diagnostic-therapeutic) including flexible cystoscope
  1.  Daily outpatient clinic : composed of 2 examination rooms (attendance and examination room), which is supervised by a lecturer and attended by assistant lecturer and resident)
  2.  Inpatient sector that includes 40 beds in free sector, 20 beds in private and insurance sectors
  3.  Urodynamics Unit
  4.  Transresctal Ultrasonography Unit
  5. Operating theatres (5 operating tables)
  1.  Lecture rooms for weekly scientific meetings, workshops and seminars in collaboration with other universities and international urological centers
  2.  Animal house for scientific and surgical research in various urological aspects
  3.  Daily case management discussions concerning the inpatient cases and selected outpatient clinic cases
  4.  Weekly discussion of the inpatient cases as well as the pre- and post-operative cases of the inpatient sector
  1.  ESWL
  2.  Laparoscopic surgery
  3.  LASER
  4.  Flexible Ureteroscope
  5.  Electronic archiving system connected to hospital departments including the laboratory and radiology departments

1. Services of Urology Department

a. Outpatient services

    •  Daily outpatient clinic
    •  ESWL unit: The unit includes an electrohydraulic machine that is considered one of the most minimal invasive procedures for stone management, which does not require anesthesia.
    •  Urodynamics unit: the unit offers a full range of urodynamic investigations including urine flowmetry, pressure flow study, Urethral pressure profile (UPP) and Electromyogram (EMG). It is one of the best units in the region, where 400 urodynamics tests are annually performed by a highly expert team with experience in both test performance well as results interpretation.
    •  Transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) unit: TRUS is considered one of the most important tools in the diagnosis of prostate cancer, where an average of 300 cases are annually done including TRUS guided prostate biopsies as well as diagnostic TRUS (for other non-malignant urologic conditions in males).
    •  Flexible cystoscopy

b. Inpatient services

  •  Stone management
      1.  Endo-urology
      2.  Flexible cystoscopy and Flexible ureteroscopy
      3.  Laser and pneumatic lithotripsy
      4.  ESWL
      5.  Conventional surgery
  •  Prostate diseases management
      1.  Benign prostatic enlargement with up to date management including TURP, Bipolar TURP, Holmium laser enucleation of prostate “HOLEP”, Bipolar enucleation of prostate, open prostatectomy and Interventional Radiology (prostatic artery embolization)
      2.  Cancer prostate including early detection, TRUS guided biopsies and Radical prostatectomy
      3.  Uro-oncology including early detection and management of superficial bladder cancer, management of invasive bladder cancer (Radical cystectomy with different types of urinary diversion), upper urothelial carcinoma, prostate cancer, renal cell carcinoma and testicular cancer
      4.  Management of pediatric urological problems and congenital anomalies
      5.  Management of voiding dysfunction problems
      6.  Management of Female urological problems
      7.  Laparoscopic urological surgery

· Internal Projects “Funded by TBRI”

    1.  Lymph node expression of cytokeratin-7 and cytokeratin-20 in extended lymphadenectomy with radical cystectomy for muscle invasive disease: value in pathologic stagement and treatment strategies (2013).
    2.  “Establishment of Specific Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for Human Myoblast Culture. Predictive Tumour and Genetic Markers for Early Diagnosis and Prognosis of Pre-cancerous and Cancerous Bladder Lesion.
    3.  Study of Alterations of Coagulation Balance, Inflammatory Markers and Endothelil Cell Functions by tumour cell Pro-coagulant factors in cancer bladder.
    4.  Comparative study Between Holmium Laser Enucleation of the prostate (HOLEP) and Bipolar Transurethral resection of Prostate in the management of patients with Symptomatic BPH.
    5.  Identification of antimicrobial resistance in normal rectal flora of patients undergoing transrectal ultrasonography guided prostate in Egypt.

· External projects:

Intravesical Mistletoe Extract in Superficial Bladder Cancer: A Phase III Efficacy Study (2016-still running)

Publications in the Last Ten Years

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Book Authorship:

Authors: Tarek Ramzy Elithy , Hazem Elmansy, Olfat Hammam

Title: Prognostic Impact of Apoptosis Markers (Fas & FasL) in Bladder Cancer (2013)

Publisher: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing

ISBN-10: 3659342777 – ISBN-13: 978-3659342776