Theodor Bilharz Research Institute Hospital

Theodor Bilharz Research Institute is one of the medical authorities in Egypt. It is one of the scientific institutions affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. It is considered the first national research center of its kind in the Middle East specialized in researching chronic and endemic liver diseases and their complications, especially caused by schistosomiasis, due to its harmful impact on economic and social life in Egypt and other developing countries.

The institute also includes an excellent elite of scientists researching in the field of liver, kidney and endemic diseases. Moreover, it contains laboratories, research departments, an equipped hospital and outpatient clinics to achieve the assigned and long-term goals, in addition to providing medical, advisory and training services not only at the local level, but also extends to the African continent.

The institute hospital contains 300 beds to serve patients, 579 research staff members, and 245 nurses.

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An overview of the services provided by the institute

A. The Economic Department: Serves patients with cash, health insurance, and treatment decisions at the expense of the state.

B. The Clinical Medical Department is divided as follows :

        1. Department of Internal Medicine for Liver Cases and Endemic Diseases.
        2. Internal care for patients with hepatic coma and haematemesis.
        3. Endoscopes for endoscopy of the bile ducts, colonoscopy, gastroscopy, abdominal ultrasound and liver sampling.
        4. Department of General Surgery: For general surgeries, liver, pancreas, bile ducts and liver transplant cases.
        5. Urology Department: For urological surgeries and kidney transplant cases. The department also has a stone lithotripsy unit.
        6. Surgical Operations Department: It includes 6 highly equipped operating rooms (with surgical endoscopes, urological endoscopes, in addition to a sonar unit).
        7. Intensive care:  for heart and chest patients.
        8. The kidneys division is divided into: 
            1. Hemodialysis unit: It contains 29 dialysis machines working 3 times per day.
            2. Kidney Research laboratory: For chronic kidney conditions.
        9. Surgical care: For post-operative patient care, liver and kidney transplants.

C. Suites: 10 suites to serve patients from different departments and organ transplant cases (liver and kidneys).

D. Outpatient clinics:   to serve outpatients in cases of liver, digestive system, general surgery, urology, heart, chest, kidneys and health education.

E. Reception: to receive cases of hematemesis, hepatic coma and surgical emergencies.

F. Radiology: CT scans, X-rays, sound waves, is addition to a high-level interventional radiology unit.

G. Laboratories: The institute contains 8 different research laboratories to serve internal and external patients and perform the necessary examinations and analyzes efficiently.

          1. Blood Research and Blood Bank
          2.  Clinical Chemistry
          3. Biochemistry 
          4. Microbiology       
          5. Pathology
          6. Parasitology
          7. Immunology
          8. Electron microscopy

H. Pharmacy:  to provide the inpatients needs of medicines (free and economical).

I. Nutrition:  to serve patients and provide the necessary healthy food for them and other institute’s employees.

G. Animal House:  To assist the Research staff in their scientific research.

K. Laundry: To serve patients and clean their clothes and furnishings.

L. Central sterilization unit:  to sterilize machines with autoclaves and plasma, sterilize clothes and furnishings for operations, and changes to wounds (sterile changes).

M. Infection Control unit: Follow up on disinfection and cleaning methods in departments and educate workers to avoid infection while following global policies.

N. Hazardous Waste Unit:  For the safe disposal of hazardous waste through a highly equipped shredding unit according to infection control methods.


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