Speech of Prof. Mohamed Abbas Shemis

Theodor Bilharz Research Institute was established in accordance with an agreement between the Federal Republic of Germany and the government of Egypt in 1964 and officially opened in 1978.

Theodor Bilharz Research Institute is one of the medical research training bodies, and one of the scientific research institutions that are under the Ministry of higher education and scientific research, it is the first National Research Institute of its kind in the Middle East specialized in research of digestive system, liver, kidney and urinary system diseases and their complications.

The Institute’s vision is to become a leading centre for endemic diseases research, training and treatment in Egypt and Africa. The mission of the Institute is to promote medical research to improve the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of endemic diseases of the digestive system, liver, kidney and urinary system. This is to meet the technical, social and economic needs of Egypt and the region, and to provide training for young researchers to enable them to adopt a modern approach to important health issues.

The strategy of the Institute depends on six basic programs, namely control research, diagnostic research, treatment research, pathological change research, clinical research and advanced scientific technology and quality control relying on biotechnology, genetic engineering, nanotechnology and other advanced technologies, transforming traditional activities of basic science specialties into more modernized application activities supporting scientific research to meet social needs, and linking them to production and industrial centers, besides providing scientific and financial support to all activities related to scientific research and technological development, and this is carried out in cooperation with relevant local and international scientific institutions. It is worth mentioning that Theodor Bilharz Research Institute has ISO 9001 quality assurance certificate.