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Within the framework of the societal and educational role of the Theodor Bilharz Research Institute, and in my desire to encourage young talents and creative ideas, I am pleased to present to you the third issue of the Journal of Social and Cultural News:

“A window on the Theodore Belharz Research Institute” issued by the technical office of the institute. It is a magazine concerned with presenting various cultural and artistic topics. It is also interested in presenting the latest news and achievements of the institute, as well as congratulating the institute’s employee on promotion and obtaining scientific degrees. I hope that the reader of this issue will have an interesting tour and an interesting journey between the topics

In the end, I can only thank the gentlemen in charge of the technical office and appreciate their sincere effort to bring this classy work to light.

                                                                               Prof. Hanan Khafagy

President of the Institute and Chairman of the Board of Directors

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